You Belong Here

Gospel-Centered Community


Sunday Gathering

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10am to make much of Jesus. We sing together, listen to the word of God proclaimed, be reminded of the substitution and sacrifice of Jesus, and experience the liberating truth of the gospel together. These gatherings are fueled by the volunteer service of people who, like Jesus, seek not to be served, but to serve. Child appropriate classes are provided during this gathering.

Missional Communities

Once a week, smaller groups of participants of our church get together over an evening meal to connect with one another, eat together, encourage each other in the gospel, and serve one another. Missional Community is one of the most important avenues for personal discipleship in our church. We want everyone to participate in these groups.


Core groups are much smaller in number and are sometimes just two people meeting one on one to encourage, equip, and empower one another to pursue Jesus and become fluent in the Gospel. These are informal experiences that we encourage each member of the church to pursue on his or her own. The best place to find a core partner is in a Missional Community.

Our Mission

Why does East North Church exist?

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We see everyone on a journey to discover more about the good news of Jesus. So we encourage everyone to participate in that process together. From our Sunday gathering to our Missional Community Groups, and Core encouragment, the goal is the same - to grow in the Gospel together.
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As the good news of who Jesus is sinks into our hearts and homes, we begin to desire to live out of God's radical love for us. The Gospel motivates us to show greater degrees of grace, mercy, and love to others in tangible ways like being friends, caring for others, and serving those who are in need.
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Good news is meant to be shared! That's why we can't stop talking about the wonderful things Jesus has done and is doing in our hearts and lives. We want others to experience the joy that comes in knowing that forgiveness, love, and acceptance are ours through a relationship with Jesus.