If you are part of our church, we are encouraged that you desire to invest with us to see the gospel advance in our city and beyond. We want to be consistently gracious and pursue understanding when it comes to your personal financial needs. We also want to encourage you to know that the Bible has something good and challenging to say about money.

Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, more than anyone else in Scripture, talked about how we spend our money. He said that our money would follow our heart. If we want to be a people on mission together, a good indicator of where we are on that will be to look at where our money is going.

Supporting East North Church financially is about supporting our shared mission to help others discover, demonstrate, and declare the gospel of Jesus. We encourage all members to consider what it looks like to be faithful and generous in your giving. Your giving enables our mission.

Giving faithfully and generously is part of what it means to be an invested partner in the gospel. The exact amount you are able to give does not matter as much as the importance of considering Jesus' call for us to live generously. We are more than happy to walk you through any financial questions or issues you might have as you consider what you and your family are to give.

While we provide the opportunity to give an offering each Sunday in the boxes towards the back of the room, we prefer and encourage online, automatic draft giving. The reason for this is simple. It helps to ensure that we have a consistent and dependable flow of finances to operate effectively. If you need assistance in setting up online giving, please email david@eastnorthchurch.com

If you are ready to set this up on your own (its pretty easy) simply click the GIVE button below and select your amount and frequency. You’ll be walked through a simple step by step process to set it all up.