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Every church benefits from the effort in explaining their vision, mission, focus and values as well as offering some explanation as to what each of these elements bring to the table for a healthy relationship as we partner together in life. Most churches have some form of a statement of belief and many churches actually share many of their beliefs inspire of different denominational identification and branding. We have articulated our beliefs, values & culture in written form in a booklet we call the Membership Handbook. You can pick up a copy from the church on Sundays.   Below you will find links to 4 messages (delivered January 2018) which will provide you with pastoral teaching along side the content of the Membership Handbook.  The goal of this process is to help you think about who we are and what we hope we can be together. Becoming a member means that you affirm a desire to grow in our vision, mission, focus and values with us, knowing that they will be taught by the pastors and leaders of the church and shared by other members in the church. In short, we want you to join us as we discover, demonstrate, and declare the gospel together.

OUR VISION: We want to be a church that is gospel-centered, community-oriented, and mission-driven.

OUR MISSION: East North Church exists to help others discover, demonstrate, and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.

OUR VALUES: We value the redemptive and transformative power of the gospel applied to all aspects of life. We long for authentic and transparent relationships that make room for vulnerable conversations and safe places to examine our dark and broken hearts. We hope more people embrace a life-style of evangelism as we engage family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers for the sake of the gospel.

OUR PARTNERSHIPS: We are a church dedicated to the continuous planting of new churches, as we are convinced that church planting is the most effective evangelistic method in the world today. As such, we are members of the Southern Baptist Convention and the interdenominational Acts 29 Church Planting Network. Find more information at and Through these organizations, we are active in the support of seminaries, church planting, and worldwide mission efforts.

OUR HISTORY: East North Church has a unique story. It is both a church plant founded in 2014 at a location with a church history that goes back over 100 years. You can hear the story of both at


2018-2019 Teaching on Church Membership

Part 1 - Introduction to Church Membership

Part 2 - Discovering the Gospel

Part 3 - Demonstrating the Gospel

Part 4 - Declaring the Gospel


Fill out the membership confirmation form AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE HANDBOOK OR LISTENED TO ALL 4 AUDIO and a pastor will be in touch with you to confirm your membership with the church - click here to get started.