Growing Together

This past year, God has blessed our church with 8 new babies. If I am counting correctly, I know of 6 who are currently pregnant. What a joy to see our church grow in this way!

Another way that our church is growing is through Membership and overall participation. At the start of 2017 we sent out church planter Will Broadus along with a core group to plant Reconcile Church on the west side of Greenville. Sending out this team on mission brought our membership to 55 adults. Over the course of this year we’ve grown by 36% to 75 adult members with an additional 18 people in the pipeline exploring future membership. 

All this points to God’s favor in growing our church - more people on mission together to help one another grow in discovering, demonstrating, and declaring the gospel. As a church, we don’t want to think of growth by numbers, we think of growth in terms of increased gospel opportunities. People in need of the gospel are being added to our number, which means…

We need more people ready to step up to engage with new people to help them be on mission with us. The primary environment for growing in the gospel at East North Church has been through participation in a Missional Community. If we just take the 18 new people currently considering participation in our church, there is already room for us to launch 2 new Missional Communities. If we look at where our church will be next year, we can easily see the need for 2 more Missional Communities within six months. Missional Communities are environments where we can cultivate gospel-centered living together. 

I’m more than happy to continue to point these new folks toward existing groups, and right now, that is our only option. I will mention that every time we have started a new group, it fills up and becomes a place where the gospel is discovered, demonstrated, and declared.  If God is putting it on your heart to help carry the load of discipleship in 2018, and you are interested in leading a Missional Community, I would love to talk to you. 

Just like a new born child needs loving parents to care for them, so also the church needs invested, gospel-centered, care-providing members shouldering the responsibility of making disciples of Jesus.  If this is something you are interested in exploring, email me and I’ll take you out for coffee to explore some future plans. 

Todd Perkins