5 Questions that cultivate authentic community.

I participate in a unique small group every Monday evening. The group consists of five guys who are thirsty for the gospel in their lives. We meet to intentionally process our lives with one another and look for ways the gospel intersects with our feelings, thoughts, and circumstances. The unique experience for this group is that none of the five guys at my table know me or one another. We get to know each other over the 8 weeks we meet together. We’ve signed up for this experience and I’ve found it to be profoundly beneficial for one simple reason - the questions we ask one another.

The founder of this experience is my friend Jonathan Parker, who is a pastor at Fellowship Greenville. I’m not sure where he got the questions we ask one another every week, but they are increasingly valuable. The more you practice asking and answering these questions with one another, the more beneficial they become. They seem to have a stabilizing effect on the mind and the soul. They challenge you to evaluate your life, something we don’t practice much in our busy and distracted culture. They also allow your life to be more fully known by others. As you share and listen to other’s share, the gospel becomes more meaningful and more beneficial.

I’ve recommended these questions to be explored from time to time in our Missional Communities. The group that my wife and I lead at our house recently set aside our time just to go over these questions together. It was an amazing night. I don’t think we’d feel as close, know what to pray for, or find authentic ways to encourage one another without questions like this.

The point is, if you can find ways to incorporate these questions with your group, with your family members, or with friends, you’ll discover more about yourself and others than you thought you would. Here are the five simple questions that cultivate authentic community.

  1. What was your highlight of your week?
  2. What was the low point of your week?
  3. What are you currently learning?
  4. How have you felt lately?
  5. What question do you want to ask the group?
Todd Perkins