God is the Gospel: The Scope of the Gospel

Earlier this year as a church we ordained Deacons, and gifted each with a copy of God is the Gospel by John Piper.  In Chapter 2, John Piper lays out 14 pieces of the Scope of the Gospel.


1.     There is a living God

2.     The arrival of God’s imperial authority

3.     Jesus: A savior who is Christ, the Lord

4.     Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scripture

5.     Jesus, risen from the dead as preached in my Gospel

6.     The Gospel is not good news without the promise of the Spirit

7.     The promise of salvation for all who believe

8.     What the Cross purchased makes the Cross Good News

9.     The Good News promises Eternal life

10.  “In you shall all the Nations be blessed”

11.  The Gospel of the Grace of God

12.  Jesus’ death makes God’s Gospel Grace just

13.  The Grace of the Gospel is the ground of every good promise

14.  No good thing in the Gospel is good without the final supreme good: God


The word Gospel literally means “Good News.”  When we talk about the Gospel in the church we are specifically referring to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, aka the Good News of Jesus Christ.  This refers both to the Good News that Jesus spoke, and the Good News of what Jesus did for us.  The scope of the Gospel encompasses both of these topics.

The Gospel is Good News because there is a living God, who has absolute imperial authority, and through Grace He used that absolute imperial authority to pardon and redeem man from sin through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  The Grace of God extends to all people with the promise of eternal life for those who believe, and this grace is the basis of every good promise.  God is the Gospel, God is the supreme good, he is the Gracious Good News that we all need every day.

I want to encourage you to dig deeper into the Good News of Jesus, the Good News of what he spoke and the Good News of what he did.  God is the Gospel  is a great resource for this.

Tucker Platt