How We Utilize our Building

A Facility For Ministry

The gift of a facility this size is not something we anticipated as a church plant. We are thankful for the 6.5 acres, the gym, parsonage, ample office space, auditorium, childcare area, and yes, even the cemetery! As with all things, we want to steward the resources God has blessed us with in such a way that we bring glory to God. 

This idea drives our motivation to partner with organizations inside and outside of our church family. We want to see our building used rather than simply allowing it to sit empty throughout the week. By allowing our building to be active, we increase our engagement with the community and look for opportunities to engage with them so that they might come to know Jesus. Here are 10 ways our facility is utilized through partnerships in our community. 

  1. The parsonage is used to provide temporary housing for church planters and their families. Will and Becca Broadus used the parsonage for about a year before they bought there home over in West Greenville. Currently Aubry and Hogan live there as they prepare to plant in Greer. If you are interested in church planting info, contact 
  2. The garden space is open to the community. We have 4 small plots set up for gardening. Family members from inside and outside the church are welcome to take ownership of a small plot and tend to their garden as needed. For more details on getting space in the garden, contact
  3. From time to time, outside groups like Hymns & Hops need our space to rehearse and prepare for their gatherings. We not only open our doors to groups like this, but even provide them with a portable sound system to do ministry. If you’d like details on this is your man. 
  4. During the school year, a Boy Scout Troop makes the 3rd floor of our administration building their home on Monday evenings. I suppose they do all the things Boy Scouts do together up there! If you’d like more details on this, just email 
  5. During the week day, if our parking lot is full of cars, chances are this is the Haro Group, a Keller Williams real estate chapter here in Greenville. These guys asked for space to provide training for excellence in real estate, and we said “Absolutely.” If you’d like to use space for a meeting, contact 
  6. A recent addition to our office is Restore Therapy. This is headed up by a member, Rachel Chiu who is a trained therapist. She inquired about using an office to help care and counsel people, and we wanted that to happen too. If you’d like more details on office space, talk to 
  7. Speaking of office space, we have plenty, which means its easy for us to make space available for church planters. We have 3 in the area who are utilizing office space just so they can have a home base to put books and get some work done. We see this as a means to advance the kingdom. 
  8. After school, several days a week, you’ll find 3-6 kids from Mitchell Road Elementary working with teachers in our fellowship hall for tutoring. We’re happy to make this happen for the families that are involved. 
  9. We have several home school co-ops that have requested access to space for week day gatherings either in our childcare area or in our gym. This has been easy to set in motion and we are thankful to provide room for them to work together. 
  10. Last, but not least a local musician teaches Suzuki Strings once a week with up to 30 students involved. This enriching program provides access to many students so that they can get better with their individual musical talents. 
Todd Perkins