The Lord is my strength and shield.  I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.  I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. – Psalm 28:7

Some of the most influential and contagious leaders in our modern world have a high degree of enthusiasm. If you are like me, you may spend some part of your life wishing and praying for greater capacity for motivating others through enthusiastic leadership.

The word enthusiasm comes from en-thused, literally “in-theos” (in God). The truth is, we can't manufacture authentic enthusiasm, and if we try to do so inauthentically, it is twice as exhausting on the mind and soul, not to mention something that others may spot from a mile a way.

The good news of what Jesus has accomplished for us means that we don't have to perform a certain way to experience his favor and grace or be used by him. Enthusiasm is great! A powerful motivator, but we really can't produce that simply by self-motivating will power. It has to come from God to be real. And what this means is that we require an increased awareness of God, which can only be found by rehearsing the truths of the gospel.

"Strengthen yourself by the grace that is in Christ Jesus." Paul gave these words to Timothy in 2 Tim 2:1 and this remains a suitable encouragement for us today. If we want to live a life of authentic enthusiasm, motivating ourselves and others, then that kind of life-giving life is only fueled and powered by a gospel-centered reality, cultivated by time spent rehearsing the truths of what Jesus has accomplished for us.

Todd Perkins