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Gospel Centered Community

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Sunday Morning

To help us pursue our mission to discover, demonstrate, and declare the gospel, we gather on Sundaymornings to make much of Jesus. We sing together, listen to the word of God proclaimed, to be reminded of the substitution and sacrifice of Jesus, and experience the liberating truth of the gospel together. These gatherings require the volunteer service of people who, like Jesus, seek not to be served, but to serve. It's an important time for our church to encourage one another.
The ENC KIDS ministry seeks to provide a safe, clean environment, and a nurturing atmosphere to teach the children of ENC the Gospel and how to discover, demonstrate and declare it together. We also aim to encourage and equip families to disciple their children throughout the week and their lives. Jesus calls the little children to come to Him, and we want the kids at ENC to know that they can have a true understanding of the Gospel and a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.



What Are They?

Smaller gatherings of 10-20 participants of our church get together once a week over a meal and in a home to connect with one another, eat together, encourage each other in the gospel and look for ways to serve one another. These groups are one of the most important avenues for personal discipleship in our church.

Why do we do them?

We encourage participation in a Missional Community to ensure that your personal walk with Jesus is healthy. Smaller groups are more free to work together to bring the gospel to others. The larger the group, the more challenging it is to ask questions and share the detail of your life with others.